BS/2 will share its experience in implementing projects in Africa at the international ATM & Cyber Security 2019 conference

Published: 3 October 2019 y., Thursday

More than 400 ATM security experts from 40 countries are expected to attend the ATM & Cyber Security 2019 conference, which will be held October 6-8 in London. The international conference ATM & Cyber Security 2019, which will be held October 6-8 in London, will be attended by more than 400 ATM security experts from 40 countries. Representatives of Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2) will present the comprehensive ATMeye.iQ solution designed to ensure the safety of self-service devices.

ATM & Cyber ​​Security 2019 is the most important self-service device security event this year. The conference will feature representatives of financial institutions, government and law enforcement agencies and companies involved in the development and implementation of software solutions for banks. An exhibition will also be held as part of the event, during which visitors will be able to learn about innovative technologies, the latest products and services to ensure the safety of ATMs. In addition, they will be able discuss issues of concern to them with industry experts, and meet potential partners.

Here’s what Vilius Gofmanas, a software sales manager from BS/2 has to say about the upcoming presentation:

- Why will BS/2 be attending the event?

- Our company specializes in the security of self-service banking devices. This is one of the few conferences that fully matches our profile. Participation in this event is doubly beneficial for the company. On the one hand - as a platform for presenting our products to potential customers. On the other, to participate in the dialogue between experts in the field of technological security and meet of partners.

- What new products or innovation do you intend to show visitors during the exhibition?

- We’ll be bringing the latest version of our ATM security software - ATMeye.iQ. The latest feature, which we intend to put in the spotlight, is the Face Detection module - one of the tools of the ATMeye.iQ solution based on biometric technologies. The module determines whether a person currently in front of the ATM is covering his face, this helps prevent fraud. The face detection function can be implemented on any self-service terminal equipped with a video camera. If for some reason an ATM user hides his face from the camera (for example, wants to use a stolen card), then he simply will not be able to complete the transaction. More details on how this works will be disclosed during the conference.

- One of the conference speakers is a representative of a Nigerian bank, which is currently implementing the ATMeye.iQ solution. What will this report be about?

- Our goal this year is not only to present the ATMeye.iQ solution, but also to highlight the ATM security problems in the African region. In accordance with the requirements of the organizers of ATM & Cyber ​​Security 2019, the solution should not be presented by the developer, but by the client who uses it, so we invited representatives of our largest partner in Nigeria, Zenith Bank, to share their impressions of the product and its implementation. The report of our partners will let you learn first-hand about the security issues of self-service devices in the African region and how Zenith Bank is tackling them.

- What changes is the banking sector in Nigeria currently undergoing?

- Firstly, the number of ATMs is growing rapidly in the region. Secondly, financial institutions understand that the safety of self-service devices affects the reputation of banks and customer confidence. In Nigeria, the issue of security of self-service terminal devices is especially relevant: more than 43% of the country's residents have suffered in one way or another from crimes related to them. That is why today Nigerian banks are paying more attention to the protection of ATMs introducing innovative technologies and latest solutions.

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