Modern SUNMI payment devices are gaining popularity in Georgia

Published: 29 March 2022 y., Tuesday

In November last year, the Penki kontinentai group for the first time introduced the Android-based SUNMI smart POS terminal to the Georgian market. Modern payment devices are rapidly gaining popularity and at the moment, clients of Georgian banks (trading and service companies) are already using more than 400 of the above-mentioned devices. Their number is expected to reach 2,000 by the end of the year.

SUNMI POS terminals were provided and prepared for use by ASHBURN International, which belongs to the Penki Kontinentai group. Another company of the group, BS/2 Georgia, is responsible for installing and maintaining payment equipment in Georgia.

„New payment devices are especially appreciated by the customers of luxury restaurants and other exclusive services. The equipment is very ergonomic, with a large and comfortable touch screen, and it also supports 4G communication. Besides, from a technical point of view, I can say that these devices are easy to install and maintain,” says Levan Khutsishvili, head of the POS terminals department at BS/2 Georgia.

At the request of the largest banks in Georgia, Bank of Georgia and TBC Bank, SUNMI payment devices were designed according to their brands. POS terminals of Bank of Georgia are orange, POS terminals of TBC Bank are light blue. In addition, BS/2 created an interface for POS terminals with the logos of those banks. A separate design can also be created for receipts printed by the device, which are so good in quality that they can even print images.

„SUNMI smart POS terminals can be used not only for cashless payments but also for many other functions that Android-based devices provide. They perform cash transactions with the function of printing full cash receipts, as well as transmitting fiscal data in real-time. Our specialists can customize the functionality of these devices according to the needs of each customer. For example, during the pandemic in the Baltic States, it was relevant to introduce verification of COVID-19 digital certificates. Integration with business programs is currently being prepared for the Georgian market,” says Jezi Mardosevic, Director of Customer Service Department at ASHBURN International.

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Modern SUNMI payment devices are gaining popularity in Georgia

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