New level of customer service: round-the-clock technical support service for bank customers implemented in Kazakhstan

Published: 11 February 2022 y., Friday

The BS/2 round-the-clock call center has been implemented in Kazakhstan! Now, banks' customers can get prompt advice on the operation of POS terminals and leave a request for repair and maintenance from our operators at any time of the day.

We bring the interview about the implementation of the round-the-clock support service with the director of BS/2 (which belongs to the Penki kontinentai group) in Kazakhstan, Azat Lyukhuzayev and the technical director of BS/2 in Kazakhstan, Viktor Tumanov.

Was it difficult to implement round-the-clock support?

Azat Lyukhuzayev: First of all, I would like to note that the implementation of round-the-clock support for BS/2 clients in Kazakhstan was part of the strategic goals of our company. Constant support helps not only to quickly process applications, but also to build trusting relationships with each client. The implementation of round-the-clock support took place in a short time, including the selection of personnel, training and building the process of interaction with the bank's structures. The project was implemented in December and January, months with a lot of holidays and a difficult situation in the country.

Can you tell about the work of the round-the-clock call center? Where is the recording equipment located? Who’s processing the applications?

Viktor Tumanov: According to the bank's requirements, customers' conversations with the operator are recorded; now this is a standard procedure for customer service. Thus, bank call center employees automatically redirect incoming calls from clients to our specialists, and they, in turn, process requests. Most often, we are contacted because of difficulties in printing a check, problems with communication and transactions. At the moment, the staff of the BS/2 call center consists of four operators who work in shifts.

Is the round-the-clock support popular?

Azat Lyukhuzayev: Given the specifics of the use of POS-terminals (hotels, restaurants, round-the-clock services), calls are received regularly. First of all, the need for an implemented solution is due to high service standards and customer-oriented work of technical support staff. For any modern consumer, the availability of the company 24/7 is important, so the round-the-clock service has helped us provide the necessary level of technical support for customers.

The BS/2 support staff in Kazakhstan promptly responds to customer requests and provides individual assistance in solving problem situations within their competence 24/7.

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