BS/2 and Loginom Company will present new opportunities for customers in the near abroad

BS/2, one of the leading companies in IT-outsourcing, software development and supply of banking equipment, and Loginom Company signed a partnership agreement.

As part of the cooperation between Loginom Company and BS/2, the activities will be aimed at the development of cases of using Loginom and promotion of software products on the basis of the platform in the projects of the partner company.

BS/2 is one of the largest suppliers of technological solutions in the field of self-service banking in the Baltic States, South Caucasus, and Central Asia. The company also develops specialized solutions for the security and efficient operation of the self-service channel. BS/2 products are used by financial institutions in 85 countries of the world.

Loginom Company is a professional developer of data analysis products and solutions. The company specializes in developing systems for deep data analysis, covering data collection, integration, data cleaning, model building and visualization. The company's mission is to make advanced analytics massively available.

Andrey Yushev, Head of BS/2 Business Development

Companies with large amounts of data now vitally need not to lose their competitive advantage in digital development.  For quite some time now, it is not enough just to be able to store data securely, process and integrate data sources. An important goal that is responsible for developing and creating value for the end customer and the business is to organize the process of turning raw data into information and knowledge about the business. Modern information technology and knowledge about methods of structuring, enriching, analyzing, and visualizing data help ensure that business users have access to the necessary knowledge. That is why we see our partnership with Loginom as a way to support important data-driven decision making.

Working in the field of data processing and analysis, the company follows the best industry practices that apply low-code methodology. Low-code platforms provide a significant reduction in time to market for technological products and allow the end customer to get a quality output system without involving IT specialists.

The product being implemented by Loginom Company seems to be interesting for optimization of data handling in the framework of BS/2 projects. The main goal of the partnership is to provide BS/2 customers with modern tools for data processing and reporting on various indicators related to operational activities. The most promising planned tasks in terms of cooperation:

The beginning of cooperation with BS/2 is the next step in the development of our product outside of Russia. Representing common interests for banking and retail clients in foreign countries gives BS/2 clients an opportunity to use Loginom to solve numerous analytical tasks. These tasks are related to cash flow management, customer segmentation for ATM advertising campaigns, extracting information from large volumes of transactional data, etc. We are sure that this cooperation will be productive and will soon be beneficial for our clients. - Alexei Arustamov, Director of Loginom Com