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Penki kontinentai Group of Companies offers advertising on internet portal. Advertising production services also are offered. In order to increase Your advertising effectiveness, in addition to traditional forms we can offer a wide range of innovative solutions.

Average monthly portal statistics

  • Number of unique visits - up to 83,327*
  • Views - up to 265,033*

*Note: according to Google Analytics for the period from 01-01-2010 to 25-07-2011.

Advertising positions

Website contains of two types of news: text and video. For advertising we use banners, which are visible in the portal, and video advertisements, which are broadcast before the displayed video. Thus, the portal visitors not only read and watch the latest news, but also have the opportunity to view Your ads constantly rotating on the website.

Advertising production

UAB Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras offers You the advertising production services. After listening to Your requests and considering them, we will develop and produce an attractive banner. If you do not have Your own video clip Penkių kontinentų TV Studio is there to help.



Marketing and Advertising Department
Phone: 8 5 266 4552