SEB Bank's Triumph in the BFI Cup Tournament

Published: 12 November 2019 y., Tuesday

On November 9-10, Vilnius hosted the traditional international tennis tournament BFI Cup among representatives of banks and financial institutions, sponsored by Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2). This year more than 70 players from Lithuania, Latvia, and Belarus took part in it.

Representatives of SEB Bank Lithuania won a resounding victory in the tournament, scored a record number of points (110). The second place went to the Danske Bank team (72 points), and the third place — to the players of the Belarusian financial institutions Bel Fin (34 points).

The two-day program of the tournament included single, doubles and team competitions. Among the novelties of this year are competitions in mixed doubles, in which the representatives of Danske Bank achieved the greatest success.

2019 BFI Cup Results

Total team points:

1st place. SEB (Lithuania) – 110 points

2nd place. Danske Bank – 72 points

3rd place. Bel Fin (Belarus) - 34 points

4th place. SEB (Latvia) - 29 points

5th place. Swedbank - 26 points

6th place. PricewaterhouseCoopers - 16 points

7-8-9 places. Nordstreet, Orion Securities, Western Union - 6 points each

10-11 places. Deloitte Lietuva, Mintos Latvia - 4 points each

12. Penki Kontinentai Group - 2 points

Women under 35

1. Violeta Kirilovaitė (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
2. Vera Djakova (Swedbank)
3. Svajūnė Vadopalaitė (Danske Bank)

Women 35+

1. Daiva Uosytė (SEB)
2. Audra Stankevičienė (SEB)
3. Sonata Mickuvienė (Swedbank)

Men under 35

1. Simonas Kakanauskas (Danske Bank)
2. Donatas Girdvainis (SEB)
3. Paulius Ramantauskas (Western Union)

Men 35+

1. Vilius Juzikis (SEB)
2. Mindaugas Lazdauskas (Danske Bank)
3. Žygimantas Gurskas (Danske Bank)

Men 45+

1. Igoris Ryklys (Swedbank)
2. Uģis Birka (SEB, Latvija)
3. Aivars Kristapsons (SEB, Latvija)

Men 55+

1. Arvydas Kalnelis (SEB)
2. Ural Latypov (Bel Fin)
3. Robertas Urbonavičius (Danske Bank)

Men's TOP

1. Augustas Radžiukynas (SEB)
2. Nikita Mikhnevitch (Bel Fin)
3. Alexander Petkevich (Bel Fin)

Men's Doubles

1. Raimondas Kvedaras/ Augustas Radžiukynas (SEB)
2. Alexander Petkevich / Nikita Mikhnevitch (Bel Fin)
3. Tadas Budrikis / Linas Kliukas (Nordstreet)

Women's Doubles

1. Dovilė Revutaitė / Audra Stankevičienė (SEB)
2. Asta Garbulytė  / Laura Umaraitė (Orion Securities)
3. Neringa Burdaitienė / Ieva Giedrytė (Danske Bank)

Mixed Doubles

1. Svajūnė Vadopalaitė / Simonas Kakanauskas (Danske Bank)
2. Julija Stonytė / Justas Bugailiškis (Danske Bank)
3. Daiva Uosytė/ Liudas Rimkus (SEB)

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